How To Sober Up From A Shrooms Trip?

how to sober u from a shrooms trip

Having a bad mushroom trip and want to stop it immediately? Or just need to interrupt the trip due to some businesses? There are some methods of how to sober up from shrooms quicker. Yet, the risk of having a bad mushroom experience is that low. Buy shrooms online and enjoy your every trip! But still some tips to sober up from shrooms are worth mentioning.

How long does a shroom trip last?

The first thing that makes a difference in dosage: the more you have consumed, the longer your trip will last. For instance, if you administrate under 1 gram of dried magic mushrooms, your trip will take about 6 hours. If you ingest more than 2.5 grams of dried shrooms, psychedelic therapy will last 7.5 and more. Besides, the duration of the trip depends on individual factors and a particular type of shrooms. Start to count a timeline from a moment as effects appear, not directly after an administration. The next day you may feel unnoticed after-effects as well.

Tips to sober up from shrooms

So, what can you do to sober up from shrooms quicker? Remember that the best variant is to wait until an action of psilocybin will stop. You need to allow the trip to go it’s way. However, not always there is enough time, so here are some tips to boost the process of sobriety.

1) Change an environment to more familiar

A bad experience of a mushroom trip is always connected with a feeling of anxiety and danger, this way you need to change the atmosphere to more regular. This method will calm your mindset due to the stimulation of a feeling of safety.

2) Go for a walk

Some physical activity can boost your metabolism – and the elimination of psilocybin will pass faster.

3) Get a medical help

Nonetheless, in some cases getting professional help may be an inevitable solution. A drug known as benzodiazepines can reduce the intensity of high from a psychedelic trip, but it’s important to take it in a hospital setting. This medicament can’t stop the trip immediately, but it can easily reduce stress levels. Besides, the Trip Stopper 3000 is another drug to reduce a bad influence of the magic mushroom trip.

4) Take a grab of certain products

Does milk sober you up when you are in shrooms? Actually, yes, if it is vegetable milk! Psilocybin eliminates from a system through a process of metabolizing drugs that are called glucuronidation. This process is supported by certain nutrients, include phytochemicals (contain in valerian, soy, green tea), omega-3 fatty acids, curcumin, ellagic acid, ferulic acid (found in coffee and whole grains), and others. So, taking a glass of soy or oat milk will boost the process of metabolizing psilocybin too.

How long does it take to sober up from shrooms?

Again, the process of elimination of psilocybin depends on different factors. Of course, this process will be faster using various mentioned outside interventions. There is no common duration of sobriety, but it often takes about 3-4 hours, after it the effects will slowly fade.

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